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Is working from home everything you thought it would be?

Don’t get stuck in traffic, long trips to and from work, maybe an extra half hour in bed in the morning. It all looks like paradise. But what does it really look like in these trying and anxious times of the Covid19 pandemic?

Is it starting to be a bit difficult? Difficult to keep morale high? Is cabin fever settling slowly? Salute goodbye to your reason?

Working remotely comes with its own challenges. Here are some tips to keep in mind

Establish a routine. Plan your work hours and breaks as if you were at your place of work. Don’t let your work hours get into your personal life. It’s too easy to do.

As working at a distance will be part of our life for a while, it is important to have a “workspace”. This will mentally demarcate the home office. If space is limited and you have to use the kitchen table, eliminate all signs of work at the end of the work day. Dress in a way that will give you productivity. Lounging in your pajamas may not do it for you. If you usually take a break for coffee or to stretch your legs, do so.

Check with your colleagues / managers. Communication can be difficult when working remotely. With family, it may be necessary to set limits around working hours. You don’t want to hear the screams of the kids in the middle of your conference call. Wear ear muffs to eliminate noise if necessary

It is important not to think about work after your work day is over. Listen to your favorite music, spend quality time with family, exercise. Do anything to help you relax and detox from work. Manage your personal care in essentials.

Embrace this known way of life if only for a little while. This can give you a chance to take stock of your life and see what is important. Whatever it is, stay safe and remember that you are not alone as we try to stay safe in these unpredictable and difficult times


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