In the tall tall grass teletherapy activity

The easiest way to manage a virtual teletherapy session or a class meeting has been to use a Google Slide presentation. It’s like a PowerPoint. You can add videos, images, and visuals to your students on YouTube during the lesson.

You can share your Google Slide presentation on screen while the lesson is running. Click on the pink button below to collect your free teletherapy activity in tall tall grass, Google Slides and everything is ready!

As a group, we did our morning greetings, sang a song about the insect brain break, then read the book, In the tall tall grass of Denise Fleming (Amazon affiliate link.)

I read the book aloud and showed the photos to the students while the other teacher removed the things hidden in the tall tall grass on the Google slide.

Then we played the game: “What’s in the tall tall grass?” using virtual grass backgrounds.


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