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“ Although running alone is not the cure for COVID-19 ” we all know that there are many benefits to running, including a good boost to our immune system (except in a really intensive workout where immunosuppression may occur) 👟

☝🏻Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your running and reduce the risk of being sidelined by an injury 🤕Of course, there is more to being respectful of walkers, don’t run in a group, etc., but for now, here is my Top 5: _
1️⃣ Listen to your body: @shonahalsonsure @physicalperformanceshowconcluded that it was an essential skill (but often overlooked as an “art form”) to be able to absorb train loads. Super important with the stressors that this pandemic has created 👂🏻
2️⃣ Pay attention to your mood: as for the recovery scientists above, the mood assessment is as valid as any preparation of an athlete to train / become familiar with the adaptation to a previous training . if you feel irritable, frustrated, angry, discouraged, etc. (I have experienced this in the past 2 weeks ⬆️⬇️🧠), note that it may not be wise to “push” your running training. Do what you can when you can ✅
3️⃣ Remember the benefits: check out the previously published infographic on this – with the canceled events – focusing on the many known benefits of running can serve as an alternative motivation when the event 🎯 is not in place.
4️⃣ The pace does not matter: I think it may be the right time (in general terms) as stated by Dr Stephen Seiler @physicalperformanceshow “Collect minutes in zone 1 / aerobic training zone” and build your aerobic athletic endurance engine (bake the cake 🎂). There is no time pressure around this at the moment.
5️⃣ Don’t think about it too much: keep it simple – consider running for the greatest pleasure – without any self-imposed performance requirement around future races – who knows that this can be one of the best training blocks that you have never done! 🧠
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