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Have you ever wondered why you continue to have problems or difficulties finding love, accumulating money or succeeding? Have you continued to fail in your attempts and now believe that love, abundance or success just isn’t for you? Well, I have information that will change everything and allow it all to change for you.

Did you know that the beliefs that you formulated at a very, very young age, between 2 and 7 years old, are the very beliefs and the basis of the choices and decisions that you made, the opportunities that you seize and the opportunities that you even be aware of… these are all shaped and formed from what you thought was a child.

If you have seen your parents fight over money, have heard them say things like “money is too hard to get”, “spiritual people should not have money”, “money makes people bad people, “” money is bad, “or any number of them, that this has become your belief. When you are a child, you are impressionable and your parents are the people you learn from. You learn from your experience. You did not question your parents and what you heard them say when you were 4 years old, you thought they all knew … they were your parents, they are adults, they must certainly know more than you.

These same beliefs have become your beliefs and are causing your money problems today. It can also happen with love and success. When you are a small child, you idealize your parents and think that if there are problems such as, your father is gone, or your mother is depressed or struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, you BELIEVE that it’s because of you.

You think it must be so because it is my fault, I must be enough for my father to stay, or I must not be enough for my mother to be happy. And it is the foundation from which you see and live the world.

Every decision and choice you have made comes from this basic belief.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that you can change that belief !! The change occurs through repetition and / or hypnosis.


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