Best Easy To Use Low Level Light Therapy For Hair Growth

Baldness isn’t exactly the funniest rite of passage in the world. You want your hair back. Not everyone can be bald like Vin Diesel, and that’s good. There are very few people who can do anything at the level that Vin does with such ease. Fortunately, there are solutions to make baldness a little easier and more bearable. Not all of them are painful and expensive either. Yes, you have options besides expensive hair transplants and drugs with scary side effects. You have the power of light.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust us. We are not joking. Light can have a remarkable impact on slowing down and changing the wickedness process. You have come to the right place to find out how and why. Give us a few minutes to show you the recent developments in hair regrowth treatments. The results may shock you. Simply put, LED lights and lasers can stimulate hair follicles. It’s safe and natural. Fortunately, there are no nasty side effects. It is also convenient because instead of going to a doctor, you can do treatments at home.

So while this all may sound like science fiction, it is actually quite true. So if you start to lose some of your nervousness, fear not. There is a safe and accessible way to slow down and even stop the balding process that you probably never even considered. If you want to learn more about how it works and which devices work best, then good news: you’ve come to the right place. Our experts did the research. They know how this amazing technology works and which machines are best for revitalizing the luscious strands that sit on your forehead. All you need to do is finish reading this article and then you will be armed with the knowledge to delve into the emerging world of light therapy for hair growth.

How does low-level light therapy work?

LLLT, or low-level light therapy, stimulates skin cells. It can also put the hair follicles in the anagen phase, or stage of growth. This requires light of a certain wavelength, particularly between 630 and 670 nanometers, to be diffused directly onto the problem area. A study published in 2013 found that the use of red light with a wavelength of 655nm “dramatically improved hair count in men with androgenetic alopecia.” Translation: “LLLT with red light made men with hereditary baldness less bald.” This isn’t necessarily a 100% solution that will turn a white ball scape into a lush forest of follicles, but it can make a major difference (especially when implemented in the early stages of the balding process) .

The hair follicles weaken over time until they finally stop growing and shedding. Although this process is normal and repeats itself for most people, for some the scalp stops producing hair all together. The laser comb is designed to stimulate blood circulation and deliver nutrients to affected areas, which promotes regrowth. The new hair follicles that emerge are also stronger, thicker, healthier and more productive.

Laser light device for hair growth

Does it work for men and women with hair loss?

Yes, there have been controlled clinical trials studies which show that LLLT has helped men and women to grow back hair. It has worked for hair loss due to chemotherapy as well as alopecia arreata. It is a solution for all forms of baldness that are worth trying at any stage of life.

Do low-level light therapy treatments work better than hair transplants or drugs?

LLLT doesn’t necessarily work better, and it’s not for everyone. For example, if you are already taking a medicine that makes you sensitive to sunlight, do not do LLLT, LED, or laser treatment without first talking to a doctor. It is a delicate procedure after all and should not be mixed with other treatments to ensure the best results.

Who invented this treatment?

As with most scientific developments, you can blame the mice. In 1967, a doctor studying skin cancer in mice discovered that shaved hairs grew back faster on the skin. mouse who had laser treatments on their skin. Thanks Mickey Mouse!

What kinds of light treatments can I do at home?

There are two main types of light treatment: LED light and laser. Either works by increasing blood flow and activating hair follicles. Lasers have been studied more extensively than LED lights for hair growth, and they penetrate deeper into the skin. This is why they tend to be the most commonly used light treatments for hair loss.

Are you intrigued and want to consider sampling some of this amazing technology? So keep reading. Here are the best LLLT hair growth treatments:

IRestore Laser Hair Growth System


The iRestore Laser Headset is approved by the FDA as a medical device to treat hair loss. The rugged white plastic underside of the helmet contains a combination of 51 medical grade cold lasers and red LED bulbs, which emit light at a frequency of 650nm. The interior of the helmet includes a few cushions and a padded headband, which makes the device suitable for men or women.

The package includes the iRestore dome headset, the attached control unit, an AC adapter and the user’s manual. Using the device simply requires plugging the adapter into an electrical outlet, putting the headphones on your head, and pressing the power button. It’s that simple. Each treatment session lasts 25 minutes and the device switches off automatically.

The helmet can be used safely every other day. Most people see results within 12 to 24 weeks. The iRestore laser helmet is recommended for men with skin types Ia, IIIa, II-vertex, IV, IVa and V or for women with I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, II- 1 and II-2 Types of skin. If you are not satisfied, simply return the laser helmet within six months for a full refund. There are many examples of this type of experimental technology that offer a money back guarantee, so it is worth taking advantage of it for anyone who wants to try this technology but still feel a bit skeptical.

IGrow Hair Regrowth System

The iGrow Hair Hands-Free Headset is designed to promote stronger and thicker hair follicle growth by using a combination of 51 Class 3R cold laser diodes and red LED bulbs that emit light at a wavelength of 655 nanometers. Inside the helmet are four adjustable columns, which allow men or women to distribute the weight to make sure the device fits properly over your head. The headset is also equipped with adjustable earbuds, which can be hooked up to an iPod or MP3 player in order to relax and enjoy the music during the hair growth treatment (a pleasant and potentially calming feature for anyone who might feeling uncomfortable during these treatments). The headset operates via a plug-in cord. However, since the lanyard is on the back of the helmet, it does not interfere with activities.

The unique manual control includes five patterns of baldness typical of androgenetic alopecia. You simply choose the illustration that corresponds to your particular case and press the button to start the treatment. Each daily session lasts 20 to 25 minutes and should be repeated three to four times per week. You may not see visible results for two to four months. The iGrow Hair Laser Helmet can also be used with prescription drugs for hair growth. The iGrow system comes with a six month money back guarantee and a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Again, providing a level of comfort and safety for skeptics.

HairMax LaserBand 82

The HairMax LaserBand 82 is an advancement over its predecessor LaserBand 41 and provides promising results despite shorter treatment times. The LaserBand resembles a light and flexible conventional headband in its overall design. On the front and back edges of the device are hair parting teeth, which move the hair to the side so that the lasers come into contact with the scalp. In the center of the device are 82 cold-ray lasers which provide the phototherapeutic emissions. An internal battery supplies power to the lasers. Users simply plug the headband into the charging station, which plugs into a standard outlet. The group charges in two to three hours. The power button lights solid blue when charging is complete. When the tape is exhausted, the indicator flashes orange.

Before starting treatment, users should wash their hair well to remove natural oils and all hair products. Once fully charged, the LaserBand is simply applied to the area of ​​your head in need of treatment. For overall benefit, the manufacturer recommends starting at the front of the hairline and gradually moving the headband to the back. Each area only requires 30 seconds of laser exposure. At the end of the 30 second interval, the band will vibrate gently to remove the band or change the location of the device. The HairMax can be safely used every other day until you get the desired results. Once new follicles start to appear, you should continue to use the device at least once a week. Some see visible hair growth in eight to 12 weeks. Others may not see regrowth for 16 to 52 weeks. Studies indicate that 90% of users see results. After using the HairMax, cleaning simply requires using a damp cloth on the underside of the device. The comb-shaped attachment is easily removed for a more thorough cleaning if needed. The comb then simply snaps onto the headband.

Up to 20 percent of hair exists in the resting or transitional phase where the hair has reached maturity and will eventually fall out to make room for new growth. The HairMax is designed to stimulate the follicle during these phases by improving blood circulation, which provides essential nutrients. In this way, the follicles are equipped to produce healthier and thicker hairs. New users may notice more loss after the first use. However, this is normal as the weakened hairs are removed to be replaced with healthier hairs. HairMax is recommended for androgenetic alopecia in men of class IIa or V on the Norwood Hamilton classification scale. The device is recommended for women classified as having Ludwig I-4, II-1, II-2 or frontal hair loss. The headband is also recommended for men or women with Fitzpatrick I to IV skin types.

  • Convenient hands-free operation
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Safe for all hair types, colored or permed hair
  • Can be purchased alone or with a complete hair care set
  • Comes with a five month money back guarantee and a two year manufacturer warranty

HairMax Professional 12 LaserComb

This is the laser device for home use that you may have heard of before. It was cleared by the FDA in 2011. It works for both men and women, and it won a NewBeauty award for “Best Home Hair Loss Device” in 2014. Clinical Studies Conducted in the United States determined that 93% of people who used the device experienced hair regrowth. The study participants were between 30 and 60 years old and were both sexes. The studies were thorough and the results are undeniable. However, patience is required with this particular style of treatment. You shouldn’t expect to see substantial results for at least four to six months.

The device contains 12 cold, medical-grade lasers, designed to stimulate the follicle and surrounding tissue to develop healthier, thicker hair. The patented comb tooth style separates the hair, allowing laser lights to reach the scalp. After charging the comb on the charging station, simply apply the comb to a section of hair. After three seconds, an internal alarm will vibrate to alert you to move the comb to the next section. Treatment of the entire scalp takes eight to 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, the comb turns off automatically. The small LCD display on the back shows you the elapsed treatment time and battery status. The manufacturer recommends that treatments continue at least three times per week. After experiencing new growth, the Hair Max should then be used once every one or two weeks to maintain healthy hair.

The LaserComb works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with a charging base, travel case, and full instructions. It’s a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-take-on-the-go hair growth treatment option for those who live a life on the go and can’t take a full helmet with them everywhere.

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

The Theradome looks a lot like a cycling helmet, weighs less than a pound, and was created by former NASA scientist Tamim Hamid. At the heart of the unit are 80 cold laser diodes, which emit light at a wavelength of 678 nm. An internal pressure point cage serves as a cushioning device in addition to alerting the sensors when the helmet is in place. A built-in speaker provides audio instructions and can be programmed for different languages. The helmet also has a counting system to track the number of treatments applied. A USB cord connection allows you to download the firmware directly from the website.

The first use requires charging the wireless headset for two hours. The convenience of the headset being wireless means there are no location restrictions. Wear the helmet to do a number of activities. A full charge provides five to seven treatments. Each session lasts 20 minutes before the headphones turn off. You need to use the headset twice a week to get results. After putting on the headset, all you need to do is press the blister power button on the back of the device to activate the lasers. Visible results should appear in 26 to 52 weeks. You then use the Theradome once a week for maintenance.

NutraStim laser comb

The NutraStim laser comb was designed to treat androgenic alopecia. The comb is suitable for women with hair loss according to the Ludwig-Saving scale 1-4, II-1, 11-2 or frontal baldness. The device is also suitable for men with IIa to V according to the Norwood Hamilton classifications. The laser comb is equally safe and effective for both sexes with Fitzpatrick I through IV skin types. The device is one of the few to be equipped with advanced technology.

The NutraStim closely resembles a traditional hairbrush in design. However, instead of hairs, there are 12 low-level, FDA-approved cold lasers. Each laser is covered with a conical, transparent cover, designed to separate the hair and allow light to contact the scalp. The package comes with the laser hair comb, charging base, universal power adapter, instruction manual and your warranty card.

Using the NutraStim laser comb is easy. Simply place the comb in the charging station. Insert the power cord into the charging station and plug the other end into a wall outlet. You can also plug the power cord directly into the comb and outlet. Allow the comb to charge for the recommended amount of time until it is fully charged. Each charge allows you to use the comb for up to 45 minutes of treatments before needing to be recharged.

Wash and dry your hair before using the laser comb. Once charged, just press the power button once and comb through the front part of your hair and wait. The comb will beep every four seconds to warn you to move the device half an inch further down the scalp. Continue the process until all areas have been treated. The whole process only takes eight minutes. After eight minutes, the laser comb switches to the off position. Treatments can be repeated up to three times per week. However, be patient, as it usually takes up to 12 weeks for visible results.

Capillus 82

The Capiullus 82 comes with the laser cap, Li-on rechargeable battery, battery box, A / C adapter to allow mobility, sports cap, carrying case and manufacturer warranty. It fits perfectly into the ball cap provided. Once charged, you are free to move around your home or anywhere outside of your home with ease. You are not tethered to an electrical outlet or visible external power source. This way, you are free to treat your scalp whenever and wherever you want.

Unlike combs or laser brushes, you just need to put on the cap, turn on the device and let the lasers do their job. Your hands are free to participate in any activity, and you don’t need to be bothered by arm fatigue due to the need to manually move lasers through your hair. Capillus removes the embarrassment of carrying a laser device. Thanks to the innovative design of the device, you don’t have to worry about what others will think of laser treatments to restore your hair. Different designs of laser domes or helmets look like cycling gear or look like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, the Capillus 82 is a simple ball cap. You can wear the cap provided or choose your own cap in which to insert the laser device. So you can wear the cap at home, at work or during any other activity. Nobody will be wiser except you what is hidden under the bonnet.

The Federal Drug Administration has placed its seal of approval on Capillus 82 for the treatment of hair loss in adult males or females. This saves you hundreds of dollars on salon treatments. You also don’t need to use the device with potentially harmful chemicals or drugs. The results you experience also save you time, money and recovery time after hair transplantation.

Many laser hair loss treatment devices have never been thoroughly tested by independent researchers outside of a product’s company. On the other hand, the Capillus 82 has undergone independent tests. The results of the study can be found on See for yourself that among the volunteers tested before, during and after using the device in various trials, 51 to 95% of the participants experienced hair regeneration. The results ranged from 11 to 181 percent of new hair growth. However, continued daily use is recommended until new hair begins to grow in 12 to 17 weeks.

Vinmax Hair Growth Helmet Device

An economical yet effective light therapy hair growth stimulator, the Vinmax Hair Growth Helmet Device comes with an adapter – all that is needed is to provide excellent results. The headset charges via the USB charging port and it takes 3 hours to get a full charge. After that, you can find a comfortable place to sit during the treatment or put on the headphones and get through the day while the red lights do their magic. The low light therapy treatment is not only painless and comfortable, it is quite simple with the Vinmax hair growth helmet device. The headset has an auto-shut off feature that turns off the lights after 20 minutes of use, ensuring you’ve received the right amount of follicular stimulation for the results you want.

The interior of the helmet is lined with 80 diodes that produce low level clinical power light therapy at an optimal wavelength of 678nm. As a result, the lights penetrate deep into the scalp, directly stimulating the follicle and helping you restore hair, reduce hair loss, and prevent baldness for good. For best results, the manufacturer recommends using the Vinmax Hair Growth Helmet Device 2-3 times per week, in 20 minute sessions. However, in cases where the hair loss is severe, it is best to use this device once a day, for an extra boost to the follicles.

Regrow® 272 Laser Cap

This premium medical grade laser cap may come at a steep price, but countless happy customers seem to think Regrow® Laser Cap 272 is worth it. How this innovative low light therapy device works is to use a laser to activate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth, which is quite common, but it’s the type of laser and the cap design that does it all. the difference. Inside the cap there are 272 high quality laser diodes, far more than most can boast. In addition, thanks to the patented BioLight Comfort Design, the laser diodes are evenly spaced, to ensure both comfort and maximum power and efficiency of the treatment.

To make sure you really get the benefits of this high quality low light therapy device, you should use it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In most cases, that would mean doing 15 to 30 minute sessions, 2-3 times a week, over a 6 month period. This is the optimal time and schedule for treatment to see significant improvement in baldness, hair loss, and weak hair.

This device is powered by a rechargeable battery and a full charge (lasting 3-5 hours) will give you between six and eight 30 minute hands-free light therapy sessions. The Regrow® Laser Cap 272 is approved by the FDA as an OTC medical device.

While you wait for your hair growth device to arrive

There are many ways you can try to reduce your hair loss while you wait for your light fixture to arrive. Take the time to relax. Too much stress can cause your hair to fall out faster. But don’t worry too much: the average human loses 50 hairs a day. Get a soothing head massage. These are all good options.

Curious about trying even more powerful light therapy options? Find out how red light therapy can help your skin. Try any of these skin rejuvenation treatments to feel more youthful.


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