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BUSINESS OWNERS: 2 tools for monitoring

As a music therapy meme business owner, you are a pioneer! You are probably out there knocking on doors and hitting the sidewalk. Today, Allison Hingley, MM, MT-BC and I are offering you … a breath of fresh air. A system in place. 2 tools to consider for the most important stage of marketing: follow-up!

Hit play below to discover Allison’s system and get inspired for follow-up!

Kaleigh: Systems. We have a question and this is specifically about making calls for customers. Tina had said that she feels frustrated when she waits for contacts such as current clients, potential clients, members of the waiting list team, etc. to return phone calls. So it’s sort of in marketing as well as in the clinical area. Maybe that will help bridge the gap. She said it was difficult to know where things were when she was ready to move on, but the other person had not returned her call or email.

Allison: I feel you because I have about 15 projects in progress at the moment and I expect other people because you send everything, you prepare all your business and they take forever to come back to you. It’s frustrating. One thing I use is Evernote. I also use my stickies on my computer, which I can currently show you.

Kaleigh: My stickies are very organized. It’s just one, let me see if I can shoot this. Okay. Basically, I have things I need to do, like adding people to insurance, filing a CMS 1500, and then, you know, my own stuff I need to do for the house, but I keep my tights a little bit like on my computer so that I can keep track of that. And then I, in my Evernote, if I have a lot of big projects in progress, I have a notebook that just says projects. And then the different notes on the side are the different, the different projects go. And then I have where I am, I type the notes backwards. So the last step that happened is at the top so I don’t have to scroll all the time to figure out where I am and that way I also keep a history of what happened in my company. Impressive.

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If you really want to connect to documentation systems, see Allison Hingley’s Documentation Made Easy CMTE course. By taking the course, you:

  • Get the recognition and recognition you deserve from administrators knowing how to submit meaningful and eye-catching reports.
  • Feel valued and impactful in your data collection and reporting processes
  • Learn how to handle and create fillables, HIPAA Compliant Word documents and spreadsheets.
  • Understand how to use Google docs in a HIPAA compatible environment and very efficient way.
  • Explore in depth the differences between group and individual admission forms, assessments, care plans and session plans… Each for the pre, during and post-treatment stages.

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