Decision to start music therapy: music therapy

I have long wondered if music therapy is the right choice for me. I have a passion for music and would love to make it my full time job if possible, but I also think it’s important to have a safety net. I have a decent interest in psychology and think music therapy might be a good thing to fall back on if daydreaming doesn’t work or something to be done to make some money in the meantime. Aside from doubting whether this is a good decision, the other thing holding me back is the cost. The only school that has the degree in my state is $ 26,000 as opposed to a music school that has $ 14,000. My question is whether music therapy is a good career for someone who wants to make music. but who also wants a way to make a lot of money in the meantime. Is the program suitable for learning things like theory and reading music? Would it be more beneficial for me to go to music school and do it instead? Is it a worthwhile investment for the high cost of the school? This and any other advice would be really appreciated, thanks!


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