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Ethics in practice: why should I know about human rights and ethics?

When we consider ethics in practice, it is up to us to know how human rights issues affect our clients. While some human rights issues do not affect us personally, they do impact our clients. (Let me know if you disagree – I’d love to hear your views.)

You have to listen to the world and to the things that matter to our customers. If we are not listening, we are missing opportunities to connect with our customers. We are a person-centered field. We want to treat the whole person – If we miss large chunks of that person who is, then there is a lag.

Ethics and human rights matter to us on a very deep integral level. Here’s why:

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If you REALLY want to immerse yourself in the ethics of music therapy meme, take a look at Dr Natasha Thomas Course on ethics and human rights. It fulfills the ethical requirement! Here’s what’s included:

  • You will learn a 5-point framework for exploring ethics and human rights so that when you encounter ethical dilemmas, you will feel confident to move forward.
  • You will have access to the support forum where all your questions get answered.
  • You will witness an in-depth exploration of how our cultural context influences service to our customers, to make your customers feel more honored and understood.

Join us in the course today! Our forum is about to buzz. If you buy during the new version, you will have the chance to participate in Natasha’s special office hours. (Office hours are more than just the course – an opportunity to connect directly with Natasha, in real time, by phone.) Join us!


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