Face shields and demisting masks for speech therapy

The image shows face shields with children's figures, a face mask with a transparent window, toothpaste and a mask cleaner

I am deeply immersed in the practical search for productive PPE to make speech therapy safe in the fall! In my first video, I tested a few options for defogging clear masks. Check that video here.

*** When deciding what protective equipment to wear, please consult the CDC, your employer and your state SLP / AUD organization. This video is just to let you know about the options, not to determine if the articles have enough coverage. The CDC continues to change the requirements for masks and shields, so refer to them for updated information.

During my second series of experiments, I tested child-friendly face shields, a few additional fog options (good, bad) and I’m talking about the shape of the masks!

I promised links in my video and they are here:

Face protections suitable for children: ShieldPals.com. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that the headbands are flexible, you can pull them out to stretch them and fit them to your head. See the FAQ on their website for more information.

My favorite transparent mask on Etsy: FabFindsSew

DIY mask instructions: SSOL Smile Mask (Or search #SSOLSMILEMASKS on YouTube)

Let me know if you try the Shield Pals or the Clear Masks! I would be happy to explore other PPE options for speech-language pathologists this fall. Leave a comment if you have any ideas.

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