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FAI Rehab Protocol Part 2 – Postural exercises | Modern Manual Therapy Blog

FAI Rehab Protocol Part 2 - Postural Exercises -

Exercise rehabilitation protocol

Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAI)

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  • Postural exercises are used to teach the patient how to improve body awareness.
  • A neutral posture can reduce compensation patterns.
  • If the rocking posture is present with an anterior pelvic tilt, it could further contribute to the symptoms of FAI.

Common symptoms include:

  • By clicking
  • Contagious
  • Locking
  • Restrict
  • Hip stiffening with movement


Initial exercises:
The anterior and posterior pelvic floor tilts.
[Achieve neutral pelvic alignment and improve awareness of pelvic tilt; 50 reps]

Progression # 1
Quadrupled lumbar flexion and extension
[Achieve neutral pelvic alignment and improve awareness of pelvic tilt; 50 reps]

Progressions # 2
The seated pelvic belt tilts, on a chair or exercise ball.
[Achieve neutral pelvic alignment and improve awareness of pelvic tilt; 50 reps].

Progression # 3
The upright pelvic girdle tilts.
[Achieve neutral alignment and awareness of pelvic tilt; 50 reps]

In future articles, more advanced progressions and exercises will be presented, including:

Basic stabilization exercises
Hip strength and motor control exercises
Flexibility and mobility exercises

Republished with permission from @physicaltherapyresearch on instagram

Dalton Urrutia, MSc PT

Dalton is a physiotherapist from Oregon, who currently lives and runs the Performance Physiotherapy Clinic he founded in London for Grapplers and Strength & Conditioning athletes. Dalton runs the popular @physicaltherapyresearch Instagram account, where he posts easy summaries of current and relevant research on health, fitness and rehabilitation topics.

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Terrell et al. 2020. Therapeutic exercise approaches for the nonoperative and postoperative management of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome. Journal of Athletic Training 2020; 55 (11): 000–000.

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