Healing acne scars: the journey of an Aromahead graduate

Heal acne scars

A determination to heal acne scars

Treating acne or acne scars can have a big impact on your self-confidence.

This was the experience of Aromahead graduate Fai Chan.

Fai described her acne scars as “debilitating”. They inspired a lot of insecurity and at times prevented her from achieving her goals.

Fai said …

“I was so determined to heal completely
because I needed to go ahead and pursue my dreams.

Then she tried a new therapy that included essential oils.

A new passion for aromatherapy

The emotional and physical effects of this therapy were powerful. Fai decided to learn all she could about essential oils.

Her desire to learn brought her to the Aromahead Institute.

She started out slow… but enjoyed learning so much that she branched out quickly!

“I signed up for all the courses offered by Aromahead! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into the aromatherapy field.

One of the courses Fai loved was the Aromatherapy Certification Program. (Discover the profile of Fai ACP graduates!)

In ACP countries, she learned the chemistry of essential oils, including those that are good for skin care, reducing scar damage, and turning chronic low energy into a more vibrant and positive attitude. .

“I felt like I was finally waking up,” Fai says.

“I learned aromatherapy because
wanted to create a future for me.
I developed a passion for it because I learned
how effective it has been in healing emotional issues.

Fai’s talent turns into a business

As Fai created her own original recipes for others, she began to realize that she had a knack for making products that really helped people.

She started writing articles on essential oils and was published in international journals, and she eventually started her business: Deli flavor based in Austin, TX.

Deli Aroma is based on a traditional Chinese medicine framework, layered with Fai’s deep understanding of essential oil science.

“I enjoy getting to know my clients personally,” she says. “I ask a lot of initial questions and also spend a lot of time and effort doing follow-ups. As a therapist, it is always a joy to help people free themselves from constraints, limitations. People are not slaves to their ailments, physical or mental.

The first step to deeper confidence with essential oils

Fai’s journey to healing and success is a great example of the role that aromatherapy can play in our lives.

If you have confidence issues (even if it’s related to health issues), essential oils can provide powerful emotional support. With education, oils can transform your life experience into one of self-confidence, relaxation, optimism, and even more physical health.

Fai’s first step was to give himself extensive training in essential oils, based on science and research.

If you are interested in the aromatherapy certification program that Fai trusted, find out more here.

Free Webinar: How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist


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