How LinkedIn Advertising Can Help Bring Patients to Your Physiotherapy Clinic

According to Business intern, “LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed to help people build business relationships, share experiences and resumes, and find jobs.” Because LinkedIn has this stigma of being a digital resume, business owners, including owners of PT clinics, often miss the opportunity to use it to attract new clients.

Advertising your physiotherapy clinic on LinkedIn may take a little creativity and thought outside the box to be successful, but it can be fruitful in generating new business. After all, LinkedIn’s advertising targeting capabilities are top notch and can help you develop a strategy that you might not otherwise have thought of using. There is no other social platform with the kind of granularity that LinkedIn allows its advertisers. In this article, I’ll walk you through some strategies for using LinkedIn successfully.

Create a LinkedIn ad audience

The advantage of LinkedIn being a “digital CV” is that you have the ability to create very specific audiences. You can target specific businesses (and their employees) and explore in depth based on their employee count, gender, age, and specific job titles.

LinkedIn marketing target audiencePro tip: You can also overlay your targeting. For example, you can target HR professionals (using the “Work Experience” option) who are located in your city (eg Phoenix) and who work in a company with more than 200 employees. We’ll cover this trick in more detail below.

Location-based targeting

Some advertising platforms allow you to target the radius based on the location of your clinic. LinkedIn doesn’t offer this, but you can target the city in which your business is located.

LinkedIn marketing includesPro tip: Use location exclusions to exclude cities that you think are too far away.

LinkedIn marketing excludeTarget local groups and organizations

LinkedIn also allows advertisers to target groups, which Facebook does not offer. Find local organizations (for example, charities or fundraising groups) that you support and use them to build a targeted audience. You can use these audiences to promote the name of your clinic in your community.

linkedin marketing member groupsThese are not the only targeting options available on the LinkedIn advertising platform. Here are a few more:

  • Retargeting: You can use this option to serve ads to people who have visited specific pages on your website. This tactic is offered on other platforms, but remains a great option.
  • List of downloads: Hope you have a customer database. You can download a list of former clients who are no longer receiving physical therapy and target them with advertisements intended to re-engage them. While other platforms require you to use the full names and addresses of the people you want to target, LinkedIn only requires their email addresses.

So why are these different targeting options important to physiotherapy providers? Here are some marketing strategies you could use in your practice today.

1. Create and develop corporate partnerships.

As I mentioned before, you can overlay your targeting. One tactic that could be very effective is to use LinkedIn ads to target HR teams. You can use the content of your ad to build trust and develop business partnerships. Human resources representatives are valuable liaison officers who can help you get your clinic name known to company employees.

linkedin marketing pills2. Target employees of neighboring businesses.

Target employees of companies located near you. You know they are close to your physiotherapy clinic, making your location convenient for them. This could make it easy for these employees to schedule their appointments during a lunch break or just before or after a shift. Tailor the content of your ad to emphasize this convenience.

LinkedIn marketing category3. Target potential patients whose companies provide health insurance accepted by your clinic.

Find businesses in your area that are part of the insurance networks for which you are a contracted provider. This tactic will require some research on your part. But many patients do not wish to seek treatment outside of their network, and the fact that your clinic accepts a patient’s insurance may be enough to get that patient’s attention.


LinkedIn may not be your first choice for marketing your clinic – or even your second or third – but it is a valuable resource. Remember, marketing is all about creativity, and with a solid strategy any idea can be good. Comment below if you have any questions.

Josh Golden, digital marketing manager for WebPT, grew up as a beach bum in Rhode Island. An avid New England sports enthusiast, Josh now spends his free time with his wife, Emily, and their puppies, Ellie and Franklin. Josh enjoys playing football, hiking, and biking to local breweries.


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