Morning shower gel with rosemary and aloe vera

Morning shower gel with rosemary and aloe vera

Wake up and smile with this living DIY shower gel!

I love using this DIY natural shower gel recipe in the morning.

It is packed with stimulating essential oils that help jumpstart my circulation and sharpen my mental awareness. Even if you’re not a morning person, this recipe can jumpstart a slow, sleepy morning routine!

This is largely thanks to the essential oil of rosemary.

Rosemary has been used throughout history to improve mental performance, including cognition, memory, and attention span. It also inspires self-confidence.

Author Gabriel Mojay put it beautifully when he wrote: “Rosemary warms the mind and makes it daring.”

Why is rosemary a traditional herb for a sharp mind?

Because it helps to circulate energy through
your head (or wherever you apply it topically).

I’ll walk you through the science behind rosemary (and the other essential oils in this recipe) below.

Let’s start with the recipe!

Rosemary Morning Shower Gel

  • 1 oz (28 g) Castile soap
  • 1 oz (28 g) aloe vera gel
  • 12 drops of rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis ct. camphor or ct. 1,8-cineole/ Salvia rosmarinus)
  • 8 drops of hemlock essential oil (Tsuga canadensis)
  • 6 drops of wild carrot essential oil (Daucus carota)
  • 5 drops of cardamom essential oil (Elettaria cardamomum)

Prepare this natural shower gel recipe in a 2oz (60ml) PET plastic flip-up bottle.

Plastic is great for showering as you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking if you drop the bottle. And PET is a safe, non-washable plastic. Use the flip cap to pop out a bit, or unscrew the cap and put as much as you want on your loofah or washcloth.

Combine your aloe vera gel and Castile soap in the 2 oz bottle.

Then add your drops of essential oils.

Shake this mixture well after making it and before each use. The essential oils disperse in the Castile soap, but the Castile soap and the aloe can separate. Just shake the bottle to mix them again.

shower gel - rosemary morning

Make this mix with me!

Let’s take a closer look at the essential oils in this DIY natural shower gel recipe.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosmarinus officinalis ct. camphor or ct. 1,8-cineole/ Salvia rosmarinus

Studies in 2003, 2009 and 2012 found that rosemary – with its fresh, herbaceous scent – had a stimulating effect on the mind, improving cognitive performance and inspiring an energetic and positive mood.

This is largely due to the high amounts of camphor or 1,8-cineole with rosemary oil.

These components have helped make Rosemary a staple for mental clarity throughout history.

You can even use Rosemary for memory!

Hemlock essential oil

Tsuga canadensis

Don’t worry, hemlock essential oil doesn’t come from a poisonous plant!

This fresh pine oil is distilled from a conifer. The poisonous form of hemlock comes from a small plant in the parsley family.

Hemlock contains component bornyl acetate.

In small amounts, oils rich in bornyl acetate can help relieve feelings of fatigue from stress. (Larger amounts could have the opposite effect, you will feel more drowsy!) Our natural shower gel recipe contains less than 1% hemlock oil per ounce, so it’s pleasant and stimulating!

Wild carrot essential oill

Daucus carota

Thanks to its component geranyl acetate, Wild carrot oil has the ability to help your body through its natural detoxification process – great for helping you feel cleansed inside and out!

This sweet, woody, earthy oil can also promote open breathing, allowing you to take deep, invigorating breaths while you shower.

Cardamom essential oil

Elettaria cardamomum

A 2012 study identified one of the main components of cardamom oil, 1,8-cineole, as an improvement in cognitive performance.

This constituent helps to circulate your energy and to deepen your breathing.

This is partly why this spicy-sweet oil is known as “cephalic” oil, an oil that stimulates alertness and mental responsiveness.

These 4 oils have MORE benefits for your DIY natural shower gel recipe!

In addition to helping you feel clear, crisp, and motivated, oils can all help reduce the presence of germs.

Castile soap does most of the work of cleaning your skin, and the enzymes in aloe vera gel help soothe the irritation.

But the addition of essential oils takes the anti-germs benefits of this shower gel to the next level.

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