Need help! Apply as a transfer student: music therapy

Hello, a little about me. I was a high school trombonist. I only played classical guitar for about 2 years in high school. I hated high school and music with a passion, so I finished my first year. To get my degree early, I had to give up all my music lessons, which was fine with me at the time. My only option was community college here in Los Angeles as it was too late to apply to 4 year colleges. The reason I was technically a junior until I graduated. I went to community college as a psychologist and then fell in love with music again because I took a music class for my GE. I have decided to major in music at my community college this year and this is my transfer year. I’m not sure where to transfer and what will follow. From what I can as a rookie versus a transfer student. Can your junior year be different courses? I am very confused at the moment. Is it even worth transferring to music therapy college because of the way I have been educated so far. I still want to do it because I feel like it’s my goal live. It’s the only thing I can see myself doing for a living. Any help is highly appreciated!


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