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Between simultaneous sessions, interviews, keynotes, conferences and presentations, music therapists are no strangers to the art of presentation. The skills that make us health leaders also make us shine in the conference room. Whether you are a seasoned conference tour professional or a student developing a classroom presentation, keep the word OPUS in mind as you go:

  • OPEN with music: What better way to bring everyone together and sell your passion and expertise than to start with an experience?
  • PREPARE (& Prepare more!): Behind each stellar presentation, there is a lot of time and loving care. As with sessions, the better you research and prepare, the more you will need to give to your audience.
  • USE your MT skills: Listen? Check. Creating a report? It’s understood! Group dynamic? Locked. Research? Possesses! You have a head start as a phenomenal presenter as a clinician.
  • SHARE Yesour Story: We each have our own unique perspectives, passions and abilities to bring to the table. Leave your Why create your entire presentation. After all, that’s why you are up there!

Each presentation you make is an opportunity to defend, share your expertise, add to the wealth of knowledge in our profession and inspire others. It’s your professional opus and time to shine! Be inspired by this advice from Jennifer Buchanan, MTA, and past president of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists.


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