The iSalus AnywhereCare telehealth solution now accessible via GoodTherapy

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19) has brought about rapid change that is being felt in all industries in the United States and around the world. Since businesses, organizations and events temporarily close, mental health professionals may also have been forced to cancel their sessions in person.

Therapists everywhere are looking to switch to an online telehealth solution as quickly as possible. Maintaining consistency with clients is essential during times of uncertainty and high anxiety. For clients who require frequent support, the failure to meet their care needs can be extremely disturbing. Not only that, but therapists must continue to generate income to avoid financial stress and secure the future of their practice. This rapid implementation of telehealth, or teletherapy, leaves many therapists wondering where to start.

A quality telehealth solution is more accessible than you think

GoodTherapy understands that this is a difficult time for many mental health professionals. In an effort to help providers during this troubling season, GoodTherapy has partnered with iSalus AnywhereCare to provide the community with a quality telehealth solution.

Therapists using GoodTherapy can use iSalus AnywhereCare to start offering a telehealth solution, free on certain plans *, to their clients in need.

The benefits of iSalus AnywhereCare include:

1. Guaranteed confidentiality and security

iSalus AnywhereCare offers 100% patient confidentiality for secure therapy sessions. This is not guaranteed when using other telehealth providers who pose major risk threats due to the use of unsafe social media platforms or unstable software programs. AnywhereCare will ensure that you and your customers are protected during your online transactions.

2. Durable for small practices

While small practices are looking for a telehealth solution that avoids financial constraints, AnywhereCare offers a sustainable option that your practice can continue to use once the spread of the coronavirus slows down and stops.

3. Accessible to customers when they need it most

Patients who require constant and regular attention from their therapists can now continue to seek help during this confusing time. When clients struggle with isolation, their mental health provider is always available when they need it most with this telehealth solution.

4. Complies with national and federal regulations

AnywhereCare will never put you or your practice at risk with regard to state and federal telehealth technology laws. By using this telehealth solution, you can stay in compliance with all rules and regulations.

5. Transparent and simple implementation

Different telehealth solutions can be difficult to understand and time-consuming to implement. iSalus AnywhereCare, now available through GoodTherapy, hopes to make this process as seamless as possible so that you can focus on your customers again.

GoodTherapy and iSalus Healthcare understand the uncertainty faced by mental health providers during the coronavirus pandemic. Right now, the number one priority for mental health professionals is to protect your own health and the physical and mental health of your clients. If you’re interested in implementing a quality telehealth solution right now, Click here to find out more.

* Included at no cost to Annual membership plans billed monthly. Monthly members have free access for 90 days, then will be billed $ 9.99 / month after the trial period ends.

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