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Hey! I’m a music major entering my sophomore year, but realized that I wanted to pursue music therapy. My school is not an AMTA approved university and I am considering whether it is beneficial to transfer somewhere else that is approved. There are 2 options for me.

  1. Stay at my current university. If I were to stay at my university, I would have to apply for a music therapy equivalency program until I graduate (3 years). If I am accepted, it will take 2 years. In total, it will take 5 years before I pass my certification exam.

  2. If I transfer, depending on how many credits the University will accept, it will take me at least 2-3 years to graduate and pass my certification exam.

For me, the 2nd route seems longer and more user-friendly of my choices, but it is a big decision to make since I will be in a new environment with different people. A lot of people say university is more for experience, because I can end up with a job that I didn’t specialize in. I would love to hear the opinions and opinions of others on this.


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