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Using current events for college speech

Are you constantly looking for speech therapy and language activities in college? Working on speaking and language skills with middle-aged students can be difficult, but making sure you stay up to date on popular hot topics can help. Today let’s talk about different activities that can help you when working on language and voice skills with high school students.

Digital material of current events for speech therapy in college

Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world is very important, especially nowadays. We are navigating through a national pandemic, a virtual school and one of the greatest political years of all time. Middle school students can hear their parents talk about these current events and perhaps wonder more information about them. Opening a group lesson on a hot topic can be a great way to engage your college students and get them to practice their language and voice skills in a conversational setting. There are so many different websites you can use for this, from YouTube to news websites, with comprehension tasks already predefined.

Here are some great websites to use with college students to stay on top of the news:


I have talked about this site before because I just think it’s excellent! Newsela is a site that regularly takes news articles and changes the lexile level for a variety of readers. You can select the item and then display it on your screen. On the right side of the screen, you can select a variety of lexile levels from 3rd to regular adult version, which is perfect for mixed groups.

The content of BrainPOP is very searchable and every day a new free video is to be shared with the students. The daily free video is often about a hot topic.

Sports Illustrated Kids has a website with news articles for children. This website also contains up-to-date news articles on renowned sporting events and athletes. Many articles are written by their student reporters.

The DOGOnews website is aimed specifically at students and includes new articles every week. These articles have the possibility of being listened to in addition to being read. Articles often include infographics and videos.

You may be familiar with the print magazine TIME or their student edition TIME for Kids. What’s great about their online resource is that they give students access to free content and the ability to personalize their reading experiences. Students can view articles in English and Spanish, change the level of Lexile passages, and find a print-ready version of the news.

Similar to the TIME for Kids resources, Scholastic News offers free online content for students related to current events and great reading topics. Users can choose an grade level and view content designed for different groups of students.

Full of popular stories, the National Geographic website includes

articles from around the world. In addition to the press articles for kids to explore, there is also a collection of beautiful pictures that are perfect for close reading activities.

Printable resources for the current college events

Quick Tongue Cats for High School are quick chats are easy-to-prepare college speech therapy activities that can be linked to any of the websites mentioned above. Quick Tongue Cats for High School is a set of 42 half sheets plus a buildable blank page. Each Quick Talk page is thematic and can be used as a 5-10 minute language activity or extended into a longer vocabulary lesson.

You can use the Quick cats as a weekly linguistic task for high school students, as an early finisher task or as a partner work for the response to the intervention. Language skills targeted include: vocabulary, conversational skills, persuasion skills, figurative language, homophones / homonyms, prefix / suffix, critical reasoning, WH questions, and narrative skills. I like to use these Quick cats as a guide for discussing current events for college students, as all of the information I want to cover is condensed on one page to make lesson planning easier.

Topics range from laundry to coffee to travel, so you may find something students are interested in or have a purpose for discussion. These Quick Chats were also very useful to use during distance learning! You can share the screen or use a document camera to spark conversation on the topic.

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