While I had been on the rise and on the rise, one of the best bands I’ve ever listened to apparently made me reopen my brain from a mountain of despair after not listening to much music. Which give? : music therapy

I am a 38 year old male with severe complex depression which is poorly treated by existing interventions and poorly understood by physicians. This article doesn’t quite meet the rule definitions, but I figured I would try anyway.

I was wallowing in hell with everything that involved depression and anxiety COVID, D3 and other vitamin deficiencies, months of isolation (which I’m used to), but the worst part was that my typical medication didn’t just worked like it used to.

And then just both when I was killing time on reddit when I should be working, I found this outstanding bunch of brass funk on a video that TikTok spammy doesn’t just make my day, I feel like it changed my life. My medicine is working again. I feel like I haven’t been as sober and dance like my whole life, or at least many years.

As I get older, at 38 and like a lot of people, I listen to a lot less music than before and that is to my great detriment. I haven’t played my piano for too long, I used to have music going on all the time in my 20s when I never felt the underworld, I had it to push 40 when I rarely play a song.

Where is the state of the art in music therapy to help people get over their day and help me cope with this stuff?

I feel like some practitioners should prescribe 8 hours of spotify per day and check with me about it.


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