You are a health leader

Hello health leader! The more days, weeks and months that pass, the stronger our message becomes. It is so clear to me that this new generation of music therapists will elevate our field more than ever.

We make the official proclamation here and now:


Make no mistake. The road is long, hilly, hilly, with lots of bumps and barricades. But I remain stubbornly attached to our proclamation.

I’ll give you a quick example of how this is true. In January, I knew I was going to leave my private practice. In addition, the hospital, which filled several hours a week, planned to cut our services. These events were mutually exclusive.

I prepared my presentation to the executive committee and the CEO. While walking from my car to the seminar room, I put frankincense essential oil on my temples to anchor myself and reduce my nervousness. Conscious, I let everything go. And I still left my office, so if we lose this contract, it doesn’t matter. I made a promise to myself that I would take nothing personally and that I would come in and be ME.

Within minutes, I gave my spiel, and soon after, I was informed that our hours had doubled. It was unexpected and a complete surprise.

We, as music therapists, are in great demand. Never forget it.

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