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Do a cute paper craft activity with me! All you need is paper, scissors and a marker to decorate the puppet.

These origami foldable paper “snappers” are so versatile to use in OT therapy sessions. Have them work on bilateral coordination or motor planning skills. You can have them develop their fine motor skills ~ feed the puppets with pieces of crumpled paper or small balls of plasticine. Color them to match the regulation zones (blue, green, yellow and red)! Use the snapper puppets to work on social skills and ask them to talk to each other.

Follow the step-by-step instructions I provided in the You-tube video below or use this link —>

Use the you-tube video in your telehealth sessions. You can pause and rewind the video if you need to repeat instructions. I always find it best to do folding before trying to teach someone else!

Let me know if you try these origami paper snappers. Bookmark @yourkidsot on Instagram because I would love to see your ideas.


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